The Ideal Muslim Citizen

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Poster - 2017- Ideal Muslim Citizen

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Young Muslims today face social pressures in the Western world like never before. Islam is sadly continually portrayed in an extremely threatening light. With continual terrorist attacks striking innocent people in major cities worldwide, Muslims feel targeted as suspects of terrorism for simply embracing their faith. Often the Muslim British youth find themselves in a state of confusion as they can see their faith being used to justify barbaric brutality and extremist behaviour. The media’s demonization of Islam has been extremely unhelpful to bridging tolerance and plurality. In fact, the extremists are elated by the rhetoric adopted by the western media as it validates the ‘us and them’ mentality. Young Muslims are confused by the conflicted information presented to them and the issues they face themselves as they try to understand their faith. With no positive anchor to navigate them through the maze ahead, young Muslims are perplexed by the challenges today’s world issues create. Hijaz Community wants to navigate the course for guidance, to help young people understand that you can be a good Muslim and a law abiding British citizen. Sadly extremism does exist, but this is more reason for Muslims to understand that we must remain loyal to positivism and work towards diminishing hate and prejudice by appealing to the hearts and minds of all within society. At Hijaz Community, we feel it is crucial to create a platform of understanding of both what it means to live as a good citizen within Britain and also to remain true to the faith of Islam and embrace its true spirit, as that of civility, peace and respect for others indiscriminately of their beliefs.

Hijaz Community invites young people, adults and families to the Blessed Summit to explore what it means to be an Ideal Muslim Citizen.

The Blessed Summit is a free two-day event comprising of speeches, workshops and worship focusing on developing an understanding of the true nature of man and his interaction with society.