Q 1) Can I bring my ‘Non Muslim’ friend?
Absolutely! Non Muslims and Muslims are equally welcome to enjoin and partake in the Blessed Summit. We acknowledge that we live in a society that consists of people from many different backgrounds and would like to reach out to all members of our community. We encourage all our guests to maximise their benefit of coming to the Summit by following the Adab of the Blessed Summit . Non muslims may not want to take part in the ritual worship (Ibadat) but may nevertheless wish to partake from the lectures and discussion sessions.

Q 2) Are sisters welcome?
Yes of course. The Blessed Summit is a family event. Knowledge is for everyone hence we encourage all to attend. There is separate provision for brothers and sisters for prayer and such. We encourage guests to bring family members, brothers and sisters to embark upon a spiritual journey of realisation as the family unit is the source of the solution to the wider problems in society.

Q 3) Is there accomodation at this year’s event?
Unfortunately, accommodation in Hijaz will not be provided at this year’s event. If you would like to attend the sessions on both days and require accommodation, there are several reputable and affordable places nearby to the venue.


We recommend you book your accommodation well in advance to avoid disappointment closer to the date:

Longshoot Inn
Travel Lodge
Premier Inn (Nuneaton)
Premier Inn (Hinckley)
Abbey Grange Hotel
Elsted House


Q 4) Can I get involved in helping out at the Blessed Summit ?
We welcome all volunteers that seek to better our community and help us to deliver this message. All you have to do is state your interest in volunteering via the Contact Us form. We will then contact you shortly after receiving your interest. Everyone can contribute with whatever skills they can offer – all you need is enthusiasm and determination!

Q 5) Can we attend for part of the event only?
Whilst there is structured programmes for ‘Respecting the Elderly’ event, it has been designed to allow you plenty of time to think and take breaks to refresh. You are free to come and go as you please, however we would recommend you attend all the guided proceedings of the programme as this will be the most beneficial to you. A schedule of seminars is available for your convenience.

Q 6) Are there any charges involved?
The Blessed Summit is free of any charges to attend. Food and facilities are generously provided by our hosts at Hijaz Manor. Snacks will be available to purchase from stalls.

Q 7) What do I need to bring with me for the weekend?
A pen and pad/laptop may be useful to make notes during the lectures and seminars. Food and drink will be provided throughout the weekend. Most of all we recommend you bring an open mind and a willingness to participate and learn, as well as Prayer Beads (tasbih) to aid you in your Divine Remembrance of God (dhikr).

Q 9) I don’t know much about Islam can I still come?
All that is required to benefit from your experience at the Blessed Summit is an open mind and a sincere intention to embark upon a spiritual journey regardless of how much/little knowledge you may possess. We hope to inspire those with little knowledge to embark on a journey of seeking knowledge and guidance and those with knowledge to embark on a journey to experience and implementation of knowledge. So there’s something for everyone at the Blessed Summit.

Q 10) How do I get there?

Travel by Car:
If traveling from the South, take the M6, come off at junction 2 and take the M69, exit at jct.1. Follow the A5 towards Nuneaton; go through the roundabout on the A5 until you reach the first set of lights at the Longshoot. Carry on straight at the lights about a 1/4 of a mile further pull into the right hand filter lane, opposite the A5 Aquatics into the drive of Hijaz.

If traveling from the North follow M1 south, then take the M42, come off at Jct. 10 for Tamworth, follow the A5 south towards Nuneaton. Go straight over the Nuneaton roundabouts towards Hinckley; we are 3/4 of a mile and on the left hand side opposite the sign to A5 Aquatics. Just before the driveway there is a single cottage and opposite to that, on the other side of the road, is a small road sign, saying College and turn into the driveway.

Travel by Rail:

The closest railway station to Hijaz is Nuneaton, which is only 10 minutes taxi ride to Hijaz. Also nearby is the Hinckley train station at a similar distance.

Other Forms of Transport:

There are national coach stops at Nuneaton and Hinckley. Local buses drive past the entrance to the Hijaz on a daily basis.

You will be presented with the directions again when you register your interest via the Registration Form. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble following or understanding the directions.

If you would like to ask a question please email us at: info@blessedsummit.com