2017 Blessed Summit – “The Ideal Muslim Citizen”










2016 Blessed Summit – Women Sainthood in Islam









2015 Blessed Summit – What is Spirituality?

The Blessed Summit 2014 – “Connect to the Prophet”

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) needs little introduction. Billions of Muslims unite in our reverence of Allah’s Beloved, who is central to our personal faith. His perfection, mercy and guidance distinguish Him above all of Allah’s creation. His example is what we strive to emulate not only because it pleases Allah Almighty, but because His path brings our hearts inner-peace. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) continues to enlighten us from generation to generation, and our love and respect for Him is






The Blessed Summit 2013 – “Islam Vs Me”

The biggest fight of your life is waging within you every day, where your opponent is an unseen and unchecked force who does not play by the rules – who does not fight fair – who will hit you below the belt. You hardly even recognise this enemy who knows your every move – is willing and equipped to outmanoeuvre you because you






The Blessed Summit 2012 – “Social Utopia”

Traditional social institutions are eroding: marriage, the family unit, the true neighbourhood are breaking down and losing their position in society. The youth are in need of inspiration and are in search of role models who cultivate meaningful values and virtues, leaving a social and moral deficit in our communities. Society is in a crisis and in need of rejuvenation, individual development and community connection. The social fabric is fragmented making the notion of social utopia seemingly a pipe-dream. [Show More]




The Blessed Summit 2011 – “Sufi Music and Poetry”

Hijaz Community invites you join us on a journey of exploring the spiritual expression of poetry, verse and music in Islam at our forthcoming annual Blessed Summit. This event shall take place from 1st- 3rd July 2011 in the serene surroundings of the Hijaz College Islamic University, situated in the heart of the English countryside, giving you the ideal surroundings for self-reflection in a calm and serene environment.




The Blessed Summit 2010 – “Serving His Creation”

This year The Blessed Summit will include a series of talks, seminars and workshops on ‘Serving His Creation’. It is an opportunity to consider and explore the role an individual can play within their society from a fresh perspective. Hijaz invites everyone to ask the question, where does service to your Creator begin? Our conduct with the rest of creation could bring us towards a meaningful relationship with our Creator. The Summit is an environment in which the individual can discuss relevant topics and implications within this theme with a rejuvenating approach.



The Blessed Summit 2009 – “Distinguished Characteristics”

Take a step outside of your box and look at your day to day conduct and the way you interact with the world around you. Do you like what you see or is there room for improvement?

Would you do for a neighbour as you would do for yourself or are you living in a world where all you think about is yourself and personal gain?

Do you like what you are faced with at your own doorstep?
Would you prefer a room with a nicer view or are you happy with the view you currently see?

The Blessed Summit 2008 – ” Secret of Secrets “

Set in the serene and tranquil gardens of Hijaz College, the weekend is divided into a series of seminars and presentations by young professionals taking you through the seven stages of the ‘Umarian Realisation Process’. The Model is designed to give you a scientific and methodical approach to assessing your life objectively and making real positive changes with an aim to seeking true fulfilment.
There will also an opportunity to meet the architect of the Hijaz Community model, Shaykh Faiz Ul Aqtab Siddiqi. You can arrange an appointment with him through your designated Summit Guide. Summit guides will be readily available to assist you with any queries you may have throughout the weekend.