We give our apologies we will not be inviting visitors on site for this year’s Blessed Summit due to Covid 19 and your health and safety.

Blessed Summit 2020 : Online Only Summit


Q 1) Can I invite my ‘Non Muslim’ friend?
Absolutely! Non Muslims and Muslims are equally welcome to enjoin and partake in the Blessed Summit. We acknowledge that we live in a society that consists of people from many different backgrounds and would like to reach out to all members of our community.

Q 2) Is the content family-friendly?
Yes of course. The Blessed Summit is a family event. Knowledge is for everyone hence we encourage all to attend. We encourage you to watch with family members to embark upon a spiritual journey of realisation as the family unit is the source of the solution to the wider problems in society.

Q 3) What do I need to prepare for the weekend?
A pen and pad/laptop may be useful to make notes during the lectures and seminars. Most of all we recommend you watch with an open mind and a willingness to participate and learn, as well as Prayer Beads (tasbih) to aid you in your Divine Remembrance of God (dhikr).

Q 9) I don’t know much about Islam can I still watch?
All that is required to benefit from your experience at the Blessed Summit is an open mind and a sincere intention to embark upon a spiritual journey regardless of how much/little knowledge you may possess. We hope to inspire those with little knowledge to embark on a journey of seeking knowledge and guidance and those with knowledge to embark on a journey to experience and implementation of knowledge. So there’s something for everyone at the Blessed Summit.

If you would like to ask a question please email us at: info@blessedsummit.com