Hijaz Community

For many years now, diligent thought and effort has been put into forging a community that seeks to serve society by enabling each person to understand the meaning and purpose of one’s life. A community that provides a methodical approach to self-development and achieving contentment through this enrichment process. This community is Hijaz Community.

Through the annual event of the Blessed Summit,Hijaz Community now invites you to our ONLINE ONLY dynamic programme designed to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul in the way of the Beloved Prophet (pbuh).

Over the weekend, ONLINE sessions will be offering you the chance to consider your relationship with the Creator, His Beloved and everything around you. Hijaz Community’s philosophy of personal self-development are based on strengthening this core aspect of your existence. The bedrock of Hijazi philosophy is the need for each person to discover and empower their real self and re-define their relationship with the Messenger of God; only in this way can each one of us truly connect to our purpose and position within creation.

Pioneering a dynamic programme of societal change, Hijaz Community has created a shared vision of an enriched community working to bring harmony and civic responsibility back to the heart of society. The outcome which Hijaz Community envisages is one where the local community tends to its own needs, in balance with the needs of everyone and everything around it.